installing Ubuntu 11.04 with many operating systems already installed.

I banged my head against the wall for a solid day trying to get Ubuntu to play with Windows 7 and OpenSuse 11.4, trying:

  • to use the Ubuntu windows installer only for it to crash
  • after playing a lot with setting up a new partition via the Ubuntu boot up install only for weird error messages from Ubuntu regarding partition tables
  • Trying to set up partitions in windows 7 via windows software, only for Ubuntu to again come up with weird error message regarding partition tables.


I finally gave in and did achieved things this (painful) way: by using the Windows 7 install CD to ‘repair’ windows 7, which removed the boot up menu installed by OpenSuse (Grub), and THEN installing using the Ubuntu windows installer.  Handily, Ubuntu’s boot up menu system (Grub too I think) recognised the previous install of Suse and installed it as an option in my new boot up menu 🙂

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