Arduino setup with Firmata

why do this?

Wouldn’t it be cool to be able to link up all sorts of novel sensors to your research software (via USB), and for little cost?  This is a pre-step you need to take before doing so. 🙂


  1. download the Firmata test software for your computer system.
  2. download the Arduino software for your computer (mac, pc, linux) and extract the contents to a good location.
  3. Follow the great driver installation instructions at the Arduino site.
  4. Continue following these instructions to get the ‘Sketch’ software up and running with your Arduino.
  5. Have a go at installing the ‘blink’ program on the Android.
  6. Once you are happy all is working it’s time to install Firmata. Click File -> Examples -> Firmata -> Standard Firmata.
  7. Try to File -> Upload the software to the Arduino.
  8. Run the Firmata software.  With your Arduino plugged into the computer (and probably with the ‘Sketch’ programme closed), click ‘port’ to select the right port for your Arduino.  You should be presented with the below 🙂

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