Tool that creates French vocab list of words in order of usefulness

Not totally relevant to science but handy if you want to learn a language!  Learning 20% of the most commonly used words in a foreign language leads to a much higher percentage level of comprehension (e.g. 80%, see the Pareto law).  Here’s an excelsheet that will create you a list of French words you do not know in order of learning priority.  Simply put an ‘x’ in the blue column in the spreadsheet next to all the french words you do not know.  I suggest then piping these words into a daily memoriser programme such as AnyMemo (android store) or FlashCardsDeluxe (iStore).

I’ve used excel in quite a novel way here.  Placing an ‘x’ in the blue column next to the french word you do not know will add it to the list of words to the right that you do not know.  This is dynamic too, so adding or removing new words updates your unknown word list automatically.

To achieve this in a nutshell (see below for an image of the excelsheet where hidden columns have been revealed):

  1. if an ‘x’ exists in column F, column G = + to the above cell’s value, else, just copy the above cell.
  2. Identify the position of the first instance of each number (column J).
  3. Use ‘offset’ to return the word from column A.

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  1. What a great list of french word ! Thanks for sharing this list with us. Your blog is really awesome. It is informative for french language learner. I am french language learner. French language is romance language. I love to learn new french word every day. I have many useful resources, phrase book , dictionary etc . I have learnt many things from you. Thanks for sharing with us.

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