Skype account hacked and spammed my contacts => deleting Skype account is an arse

So, 1st October 2016 all my Skype contacts got the following Spam message from ‘me’.

Following the link (but removing the identifying name at the end) you arrive at the below page:

Apologies to everyone who received this.

But what happened? I’d used one of my ‘generic’ ‘rubbish’ passwords for Skype which no doubt got picked up with one of the many high profile hacks that seem to be common place these days:


Skype recently (30th Sept) became available through the webbrowser (as opposed to a dedicated app) which made it 3 exactly billion % easier for spammers to bulk check which of the hacked username+password combos were used in Skype too.

I was rather miffed when my Skype contacts were hacked. My immediate response was to change my Skype password. I spent about 2 hours on this endeavour as:

  • Microsoft is utterly rubbish
  • When you try to change your Skype password via the advertised ‘change your skype account’ links, you actually change your Microsoft password.

I ended up broadly following the advice here:

  • If you are signed into the Skype app you will want to sign out from the Settings menu
  • Input your user name
  • Small glass of wine
  • Click on the “Problems signing in?” link
  • Enter your email address and wait for email to be sent
  • Click link and reset your password with a stronger password

I was really rather frustrated at this point and thought to DELETE my account. This was my procedure (jump to step 3 to preserve sanity/sobriety):

Step 1:

I do not sign in with a Microsoft account. The below webpage is useless.

Step 2:


Step 3:

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